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Financing an aircraft purchase? This aircraft loan calculator will help you calculate your aircraft loan payments as well as view your loan schedule. Just enter your aircraft loan amount, interest rate and loan length.

This ATV loan calculator will help you calculate your ATV loan payments. Just enter your ATV loan amount, your loan term, and your interest rate and it will calculate your ATV amortization schedule.

An auto loan calculator that allows one to enter data for a new or existing car loan to determine one's payment. One can enter an extra payment and a rate of depreciation as well to see how an auto's value may decrease.

Use this boat loan calculator to calculate what your existing or future boat loan might be. This boat loan calculator will calculate your monthly payment, your amortization schedule, and more. You will be on the lake in no time.

Are you starting a small business, or do you need a loan for an existing business? This business loan calculator will help you calculate your payment and calculate the appreciation value of your business over time.

A charitable remainder trust calculator that helps charitable or philanthropic individuals as well as nonprofit organizations to measure potential tax benefits and growth projections of a charitable trust strategy.

 Do you have Credit Card Debt? This Credit Card Payoff Calculator will calculate your payment as well as let you enter an extra monthly payment so that you can payoff credit card debt as fast as possible.

Investing in farmland? Calculate your potential rate of return from a farmland investment with this farmland investment calculator. Evaluate farmland for sale by entering crop prices and production projections.

Compare a bank CD to a fixed annuity using this fixed annuity calculator. Using taxable bank CD rates and comparing it to a tax deferred fixed annuity rate, see which interest bearing account yields more.

A disability insurance calculator that generates a lifetime income report so one can understand how much disability insurance or income protection one may need to insure their lifetime income against disability.

This land loan calculator calculates your payment on your land loan or mortgage. In addition, add extra monthly payments or add land appreciation rate to see the potential value of your land over time.

Purchasing a motorcycle or bike? This motorcycle loan calculator will calculate your motorcycle loan payments and let you view your loan schedule. Also calculate how extra payments will speed up your motorcycle loan.

This NPV IRR Calculator calculates both your net present value and the internal rate of return on an investment with net cash flows. It's calculated side by side to see the relationship between NPV and IRR.

Do you need to calculate payments on a personal loan? This personal loan calculator will calculate your payments as well as your loan schedule so you can see how much you have left and the optimal way to pay it off.

Investing in real estate? This rental property calculator evaluates rental property and allows one to calculate the potential internal rate of return and net present value of your rental property.

This RV loan calculator will get you on the road in no time. Just enter your RV loan amount, interest rate, and loan length, and it will calculate your monthly payment, your amortization schedule, and more.

Calculate sales tax with this sales tax calculator. Not sure if you can afford something after sales tax is added? If you know your sales tax rate, then use this sales tax calculator to do the math for you.

Do you have student loan debt? Use this student loan calculator to see your loan schedule or use it just to see what your payments will be. Also see how making extra monthly payments can speed things up.

Ever wonder how much to tip for your meal? Use this tip calculator to calculate your tip and total bill. This tip calculator will divide your bill and tip among the number of people in your dinner party so you don't have to.

This VA Loan Calculator will calculate your monthly loan payment and your loan schedule over time. Whether it is a new or existing loan, this VA Loan Calculator will do the math for your VA Loan.

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