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Smarter Financial Calculators

IQ Calculators is passionate about numbers and finding ways to use those numbers to improve the internet, improve individual's lives, and help financial professionals help more people overcome the financial challenges of life.

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"Best calculators I have seen"   -Mark

"Great site.  Great service."   -Bork

"Best free rental property calculator on the web."   -Susan

How Can We Help?

As you can tell, we love solving problems.  We want to help you either help your clients or help you in your personal finance journey.  We place an array of resources at your fingertips.  Use the contact form if you have any questions.

If we can help you solve the Internal Rate of Return(IRR) on a 30 year real estate investment (see our Real Estate Investment Calculator) then there's nothing we can't solve...

Existing Resources

You can easily see our resources above but just to mention a few...

Famland Investment Calculator

Home Loan Calculator

Auto Loan Calculator

NPV IRR Calculator

Credit Card Payoff Calculator

Land Loan Calculator

And many more...

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