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Ranking Home Affordability In America's Largest Cities 2023

Home affordability in America just reached a new all-time low in 2023. So this article identifies cities where housing is most affordable relative to average household incomes in each city.  

5 Reasons to Invest In Short-term Rentals...And Reasons To Reconsider

Short-term rentals, or vacation rental investing can be a good business to be in for many reasons. If you are passionate about hospitality and creating great experiences for your guests, becoming an Airbnb host could be a business that you excel at. And for those who excel, attractive financial benefits could follow. However, there are those who should reconsider before choosing to invest. While it can be a good business, it comes with its challenges and is not designed for all personality types. This article will give you some things to think about as you consider entering the short-term rental business.

The Tesla Model Y(Electric) vs The Toyota RAV4(Gas): Analyzing the Economics

This article provides an economic comparison between buying the Tesla Model Y, America's best-selling vehicle in Q1 2023, or the Toyota RAV4. The two vehicles are compared on energy costs as well as other costs, including purchase price to determine which vehicle is better economically.

Renting Versus Owning A Boat: A Brief Analysis

Deciding whether to own or rent a boat is an important decision that takes careful consideration. Of course, everyone would like to own a boat, but owning a boat is expensive and its easy to overlook potential expenses associated with owning a boat. This article will help you think through and hopefully choose the better option between owning versus renting a boat.

3 Reasons To Refinance A Mortgage...And 8 Reasons Not To

For the past few decades, interest rates have been in a long-term downtrend. This created the environment where refinancing a mortgage was oftentimes a good idea. However, now interest rates appear to be in a long-term upward trend. This article will give you three reasons why refinancing a mortgage may still be a good decision. More often, however, it is not the best decision. This is especially the case when interest rates are in a upward trend as they might be now. And so this article will help you think through 8 reasons that may seem like a good reason to refinance, but on the other hand might not be.

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