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14 Tax Advantaged Investing Options For Everyday Investors

This article focuses on 14 different ways that investors can invest to avoid taxes while still trying to maximize rate of return.  

4 Risks Of Investing In CDs

Can a CD lose it's value?  This article discusses the risk factors inherent with CD investing so that you can understand them and mitigate them where possible.  

Buying Land To Rent To Farmers - Is It A Good Investment?

Is buying land to rent to farmers a good investment? The answer is it depends.  This article takes an in depth look at some of the factors that affect this decision and walks through how to calculate an estimated rate of return.  

Comparing A Fixed Annuity To A Bank CD: Disadvantages and Advantages of Both

This article answers the question, "is a fixed annuity better than a bank CD?"  It lays out the advantages and disadvantages of both so that you have all the information.  And it provides calculators so you can calculate the difference between them.  

What Is The Average Rate of Return From An Annuity?

What is the average return from an annuity?  How much do annuities return?  This is the question many people have because annuities typically do not disclose a rate of return after the annuity is annuitized.  This article will help provide details on how one can estimate their rate of return from an annuity.  

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