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Converting Hectares to Acres (And Other Useless Information)

Converting hectares to acres is important for various reasons...of which buying land is one of them.  This article shares how to convert hectares to acres and vice versa and some other useless information.

Calculating Net Present Value(NPV) For Rental Property

Calculating net present value for real estate property investments is determined by calculating the net present value of future estimated net cash flows.  This article shares how the calculation is made and how you should use it.  

How Do You Calculate Return on Investment on Rental Property

Real estate return on investment(ROI) gets easily confused with other real estate rate of return calculations.   This article shares how it is really calculated and why its different from other real estate rate of return calculations.


Real Estate Equity Build Up Rate

Equity build up rate is a calculation that determines how much mortgage principal was paid in year 1 relative to your initial cash invested in the property.  Equity build up rate happens to pair very well with another real estate investment calculation.

Real Estate Cash on Cash Return

Real estate cash on cash return is imperative to understand when investing in real estate.  It may appear to be a difficult calculation, but its a must-have when comparing two competing real estate investments.  

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