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What Is The Average Rate of Return From An Annuity?

What is the average return from an annuity?  How much do annuities return?  This is the question many people have because annuities typically do not disclose a rate of return after the annuity is annuitized.  This article will help provide details on how one can estimate their rate of return from an annuity.  

Should I Make Extra Monthly Loan Payments? 5 Things To Consider

Making extra principal loan payments is in most cases a good decision.  This article lays out things to carefully consider before making extra monthly loan payments on everything from student loans, to auto loans, to home mortgages.  

What Is An Adjustable Rate Loan?

And adjustable rate loan can provide advantages that other types of loans can't...but is it worth it? If you want to learn more about adjustable interest rate loans, then check out this article. 

What Is A Fixed Interest Rate Loan?

This article talks about a fixed interest rate loan and how it works.  Fixed interest rate loans are the most common type of loan so if you are thinking of borrowing money, you better know how a fixed interest loan works. 

What Is Internal Rate of Return?

What is the internal rate of return? IRR is one of the fundamental building blocks of financial analysis.  It is the rate of return that an investor receives on their investment when adjusted for annual compounding.  Read this article to see this explanation broken down further, as well as examples where it gets used.  

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