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4 Financial Concepts for the Financial Minded Individual

4 financial concepts for the financial minded individual.

10 Websites For Land Buyers Looking for Land For Sale

Are you looking for land to purchase?  This list of 10 real estate websites gives the user an overview of each sites specialty when it comes to land sales.   Searching these sites may make your land search faster and more enjoyable.

6 Free Online Calculators and Tools For RV Owners

This article provides RV calculators and tools for RV owners.  Included in the list is an RV loan calculator, RV trip mapping tool, and an RV fuel cost calculator to name a few.

8 Online Tools and Calculators For Boaters

This article presents 8 online free tools and calculators for individuals who love boats and boating.  Everything from a boat loan calculator to a distance calculator to a cost of boat owner ship calcualtor are included in the list.  

How To Calculate Depreciation on Rental Property

Rental property depreciation is considered one of the best tax advantages in the US tax code today.  Just consider how Donald Trump made a chunk of his money.  This article is a complete guide on how real estate depreciation works and how one can use it to their advantage.  

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