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Websites for Land Buyers

If you are looking for land to purchase and not sure where to look, there are a lot of great resources on the internet.  These sites allow users to post their land for sale so that their land advertisement or listing can reach a broader audience of land buyers.  This is great news for people who are looking for land.  

Most of these sites are very easy to use and sure beat getting out of the house.  By narrowing down the search online first, it can dramatically decrease time spent visiting property in person.  

Anyone that visits the websites on this list will quickly realize that each of these sites has their own specialty and way of doing things.  But each of them sells raw land none the less.  Depending on the type of land that a person is looking for, that will determine which one of these sites is best.

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Here is the list in no particular order:


Landandfarm.com focuses exclusively on land and farms and not so much on houses or buildings.  If the land for sale has buildings on it, then it might be on Land and Farm but it won't be showcasing the buildings.  Land and Farm is all about the land.  In fact, when a dropdown is clicked that says "Search Land For Sale" these are the menu options:

  • Farms For Sale
  • Residential Land For Sale
  • Commercial Land For Sale
  • Ranches For Sale
  • Recreational Land For Sale
  • Hunting Land For Sale
  • Land Auctions

What that should tell us is that land and farm is a marketplace exclusively for land.  How do they make money? If a person wants to advertise their land for sale, then they have to pay land and farm a subscription fee.  At the time of this writing Land and Farm claims to have 10 million+ acres of all the different types of land mentioned above for sale.  

At the time of this writing, according to a third party site, landandfarm.com gets about 1 million site visitors per month.  This might be useful when comparing each website's relative popularity among land buyers. (Although not all the websites mentioned are purely land sellers like land and farm so take it for what its worth)


Zillow.com is a well known online market place that focuses on almost every aspect of real estate.  People sell land, houses, investment property and the like, all on Zillow.  

Zillow may not be the best site in order to locate a piece of farmland(although there are a few rural land listings on Zillow).  There's no doubt that Zillow focuses on the residential homes market.  But if a person is looking for something like a vacant land lot in order to build a home on, then Zillow will be a great place to look.  It is also useful in order to find a realtor that will suit your needs as there's a large listing of realtors on Zillow.  

According to a third party website, Zillow has 172 million site visitors per month.  It might be accurate to say that there are more people searching for homes than for land.


Loopnet.com is another great place to search for land.  Loopnet specializes in commercial property listings.  This doesn't mean that the property won't have buildings on it, however, if a person is looking for land to build commercial buildings on top of, then Loopnet will be a a person's best bet.  

Loopnet has an easy to use interface and offers both a commercial property for sale and commercial property for lease option.  It is also a great place to find a commercial broker as they have an extensive list of brokers all over the United States. In order to list a property, a person must subscribe to one of Loopnet's tiered packages.

At the time of this writing, Loopnet's home page claims they have 5 million site visitors per month with 800,000 listings and $425 billion in property for sale and 6.3 billion square feet for lease.  Those are very overwhelming numbers to say the least.  


Land Watch is similar to Land and Farm in that they exclusively focus on rural land sales...whether that's for hunting, timber, waterfront, farms & ranches, or homesites, Land Watch is a place to list it and for a land buyer to find it.  On Land Watch's home page, they also have a section for international land as well as land auctions.  

In order to search for land on their site, is free.  However, in order to list or advertise, a user will need to subscribe to one of their tiered packages.

According to a third party site, Land Watch receives 1.6 million visitors each month.  


In recent years, Realtor.com has transitioned from a destination for finding realtors to all things involved in the home buying experience.  Similar to Zillow, Realtor.com's main focus is on individual homes.  That means that if a person is looking for a vacant residential land lot, then Realtor.com will be a better place to look than a site like Land Watch.   

As one might imagine, Realtor.com is a great place to find a realtor to help with the search for the perfect piece of land.

At the time of this writing, a third party site shows that Realtor.com gets 66.9 million site visitors per month.    


Lands of America is run by the same company that owns and operates Loopnet as one can quickly tell from the site logo.  And similar to Loopnet, its obvious that this company knows and understands where real estate and the internet meet because the user interface is very simple and easy to use.  The search bar begs for the user to conduct a search...even if they aren't looking for land.  

Lands of America is a site similar to Land and Farm and Land Watch where they focus mainly on rural land listings.  The business model is also similar to Land Watch and Land and Farm.  In fact the same company that owns Land and Farm also owns Lands of America, and when a subscription to one of them is bought, a subscription to the other one is granted with that same subscription.  They call this the "Land.com network."

At the time of this writing Lands of America had 400,000 site visitors per month according to a third party site.  


Trulia.com is owned and operated by the same parent company as Zillow.  In fact, they used to be competitors but a few years back, they decided to merge and become one company.  Trulia is very similar to Zillow in ways beyond the fact that they are owned by the same parent.  Trulia is a site that focuses mainly on residential real estate...meaning homes and houses.  

If a person is looking for rural farm ground, Trulia is not your site...but if a person is looking for a residential vacant lot for sale, then Trulia will be a better option than say, Lands of America.  

At the time of this writing Trulia had 53 million site visitors per month according to a third party tracking site.


Homes and Land is a well put together website for people searching for primarily houses for sale.  But as the name implies, Homes and Land is a great place to look for a residential vacant lot as well.  Homes and Land comes to us via the same company who created the Homes & Land magazine publication that many people subscribe to. 

Other features that the site offers include the ability to find an agent or to find a home or apartment to rent.  And of course there's a section in order to subscribe to their magazines.  

At the time of this writing Homes and Land had 426 thousand site visitors per month.


Landflip.com is just one more option in the list of sites that offer rural land for sale. According to their site, they accept listings for:

  • Vacant Lots
  • Farms
  • Ranches
  • and Auctions

As one can see, Landflip focuses exclusively on land and not so much on residential real estate.  Landflip also has a great feature where users can locate land for lease.  Whether that be land for farming or a land lease for hunting, its a nice feature to also search for land leases.

At the time of this writing, Landflip.com is receiving 55 thousand site visitors per month according to a third partying tracking site.


How could this list be complete without Craigslist.  Craiglist has been around since the beginning of the internet and its simplicity of use combined with its broad offerings ensures that its not going way any time soon.  

A person can buy and sell pretty much anything they could imagine on Craigslist and so its no surprise that Craigslist is a great place to find local land for sale, and auctions.  Craigslist can be a place where less advertised land could be found as well as FSBO deals.  In order to use Craigslist, go to the desired Craigslist area page, and choose real estate for sale and this will take you to a page where all real estate listed on Craigslist in an area can be found.  

At the time of this writing, Craigslist had about 9 million site visitors per month according to a third party site.  


There's no shortage of resources when it comes to ways to search for land on the internet.  With land and real estate prices as high as they are at the moment, it can be imperative that a person search for land at the right price.  And by searching in each nook and cranny, it may still be possible to find a good deal.  

Once you find that piece of land you are looking for, be sure to revisit this site to use a land loan calculator in order to calculate land loan payments.  

We hope this was an informative and helpful list for your land search.  

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