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APR vs APY: What Is The Difference?

It's hard to tell the difference between APR and APY but when we take a closer look, it's clear that they aren't as similar as one might think.  Read this in order to discover the difference beetween these two terms.

Roth Vs Traditional IRA: Which One Do I Choose?

Each person is faced with choosing a Roth or Traditional IRA when saving for retirement.  This article brings a balanced perspective and gives you the tools to help you make the decision for yourself.  

Yield To Maturity: What It Is And Why It's Important

Yield to maturity is an important concept for all investors to know.  A bond's yield to maturity isn't as simple as one might think.  Read this article to get an in depth perspective on what yield to maturity is, how its calculated, and why its important.  

What Is The Rule of 72?

The rule of 72 is one of the most simple finance calculations but also one of the most useful when trying to do some quick analysis on a financial project.  The most famous of investors from Buffet to Gundlach know and use the rule of 72.  

How Does A 401k Loan Work?

A 401k is sometimes a person's largest asset, but taking money out of your 401k for emergencies or for other investments can create a taxable event. That's why there's a 401k loan, but use it as a last resort.

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