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Types of Recreational Land Loans - A Guide

Recreational land loans can be a way to purchase land used for recreational purposes whether that's fishing, hunting, boating, or some other recreational activity. This article lays out different reasons to buy recreational land and certain things to think about as you go through the buying process. 

Your Guide To Land Loan Financing

This blog article focuses exclusively on land loans, and challenges associated with obtaining a land loan.  In addition to the challenges, it presents solutions to those challenges for the person willing to get creative enough to purchase the land they want....without conventional bank financing.

4 Types of Insurance For Rental Property

Are you looking for insurance for rental property? Here are 4 types of insurance you should consider if you are a real estate investor and buy rental property.  

5 Ways to Increase Rate of Return on Rental Properties

If you're a real estate investor, your rate of return on real estate investments is your top priority.  Here are some ideas on how to boost your rate of return from rental property.  

11 Real Estate Investing Formulas and Metrics

Real Estate Investing Formulas are a must know for any real estate professional or investor.  This article shares 11 real estate investing formulas and metrics to help you be a better investor.

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