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What Is The Payback Period Method and How To Use It

The payback period method of evaluating an investment is an effective way to compare two investments.  This article discusses what it is, and when/how to use it.  

What Is APR and Why It's Important

Knowing what APR is and how to use it to your advantage is vitally important.  This article gives a basic explanation of APR(Annual Percentage Rate), and what you need to know so that you can be more informed for your next loan or mortgage.

7 Action Items That May Improve The APR on Your Next Loan

This blog article shares 7 ways to lower your APR and improve credit ratings.  A person's APR or Annual Percentage Rate can be one of the main ways to lower monthly loan payments on a loan and finding ways to improve it can make a big difference in how quickly a loan get paid off.

What Is An Equated Monthly Installment or EMI?

Equated Monthly Installment can be a confusing term to some.  It is not a term that is commonly used the United States.  However, in most cases, it simply means the same thing and is calculated the same way as monthly loan or mortgage payment.  

8 Aircraft Loan Calculators: A Review

This article highlights 7 different online aircraft loan calculators. We share each calculators features, functionality, and which ones you may want to use for your next aircraft purchase.

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